Otago Medical Research Foundation Supporter Spotlight On Aotea Group

Date 13.12.2022
Otago Medical Research Foundation Supporter Spotlight On Aotea Group

Aotea Group Holdings have been featured in a supporter spotlight in the Otago Medical Research Foundation 2022 annual report.

Aotea Group has been a proud sponsor of the Otago Medical Research Foundation since the formation of Aotea Group Holdings in 2010. It has been a great honour to sponsor this foundation and support all the good they do towards medical research. 

When debating which of the various charities Aotea Group Holdings would support, we soon realised supporting health research could provide cumulative value over many years as small projects can grow, providing significant research and results towards health care. Our shareholders appreciate that we’re supporting the Otago Medical Research Foundation, and medical research foundations in Auckland and Canterbury, in a time that is tough for not-for-profit organisations – even a small amount over time adds up. 

"Even saving one life and saving the grief of one family would make a difference, but potentially our investment is saving lots of lives". Paul Parsons, CEO Aotea Group Holdings
Funding Distribution Break Down — Image by: Otago Medical Research Foundation

The funding that Aotea Group and other contributors provide is used to fund multiple areas of medical research by providing scholarships and grants to those who need them. Without these, critical research and the resulting discoveries are not possible. This sponsorship is actively assisting in making a difference. It also allows Aotea to feel as though we can positively influence the world surrounding us and give back to the communities that have given us so much.

In a similar way that the Otago Medical Research Foundation acts as an incubator for new research and projects, Paul Parsons sees Aotea in a similar way. "By bringing electrical and wiring services alongside energy advisory together, we provide new businesses with the resources required to get them off the ground. As a result, we understand the importance and idea of incubation".  

Aotea Group is proud to be a part of innovation and the future of medicine. You can read the full Otago Research Foundation 2022 Annual Report here