Aotea Electric Canterbury Take On Love To Ride NZ's Aotearoa Bike Challenge 2023.

Date 12.03.2023
Aotea Electric Canterbury Take On Love To Ride NZ's Aotearoa Bike Challenge 2023.

For another year in a row, the team at Aotea Electric Canterbury have picked up their helmets and taken on the Love To Ride, Aotearoa Bike Challenge.

During February 2023, Aotea Electric Canterbury participated in the Aotearoa Bike Challenge held by Love To Ride. This challenge allows individuals and workplaces to compete nationally by earning points for every ride they take. Just a 10-minute ride is enough to take part in the challenge and experience the benefits bike riding has to offer. 

By logging your rides and encouraging others to ride their bike, you earn points that are displayed on a national leaderboard and the more points you earn individually or for your workplace, the better chance you have to win some great prizes.

As the challenge has now officially come to an end and the final results have been tallied, we are proud to share that Aotea Electric Canterbury has placed 8th in the Christchurch 20-49 staff division, 13th in the 'Construction and Industrials' New Zealand 20-49 staff division and 13th in the New Zealand 20-49 staff division. Over this month, the team had ridden a massive 3,380km. What a fantastic achievement! 

Aotea Electric Canterbury Aotearoa Bike Challenge 2023 Results

During this challenge, the team at Aotea Electric Canterbury saved approximately 249kg of CO2 by putting down their car keys and picking up their bike helmets. This figure is calculated only using cycle trips that have been logged for transport purposes and placing them in the formula: total units travelled x kg CO2 per unit = total kg CO2. For more information about this figure is calculated, click here.

Throughout this challenge, the team at Aotea Electric Canterbury got to experience some of the great benefits biking has to offer, such as boosting your heart and muscle strength and enhancing your mood, which is great for your mental health. 

Congratulations again to the team at Aotea Electric Canterbury on this massive effort. We all look forward to seeing how you do next year in the Aotearoa Bike Challenge 2024.