Design, Installation, Inspection and Servicing.

Aotea Fire understands the overwhelming responsibility of ensuring your building’s fire safety. That’s why we offer a comprehensive suite of fire protection services to give you peace of mind. We’re part of a nationwide group providing electrical, security, plumbing, communications and HVAC services, so you can benefit from a truly integrated approach to building safety.

Reliable Fire Alarm Systems

We design, install, and maintain fire alarms for residential, commercial and industrial buildings – a complete service from initial concept to ongoing maintenance, ensuring your system is always operational.

Suppression Systems

No matter the building type, our experienced team can design, install and maintain a full range of fire suppression systems designed for your property. This includes sprinklers, gas, foam, water mist, and chemical agents.

Building Evacuation Plans

Our fire safety experts can create and implement a comprehensive plan, including extinguisher and warden training, emergency response procedures, evacuation schemes, and trial evacuations. We’ll also provide clear and up-to-date, site-specific maps to guide your occupants in case of an emergency.

Fire Code Compliance

Our expert fire protection consultants can help you navigate building codes and ensure your systems meet all relevant New Zealand legislation. We offer design and consultancy services for all fire protection systems, giving you the peace of mind that your building is compliant and safe.

No matter your fire safety needs, Aotea Fire Ltd has the expertise and experience to provide you with a complete solution. We work seamlessly with our sister companies to offer electrical, security, plumbing, HVAC and communications services, ensuring a fully integrated approach to your building’s safety and your people’s well being.