Your partner in renewable energy solutions across Aotearoa

In response to the escalating costs of electricity and the growing potential of harnessing natural resources, Aotea Group’s network of trade experts provide innovative alternative energy solutions for home and business.

Aotea Solar specialises in sustainable power generation systems and are certified in leading brands including Tesla, Fronius, Sungro, BYD and many more, offering comprehensive services tailored to meet your specific needs. From installation to maintenance, we ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Our teams of local solar experts conduct thorough evaluations of your property’s electrical consumption, analyzing lighting, heating, and electrical equipment usage to optimise energy efficiency. Whether it’s a utility, commercial or residential solar product, Aotea Solar delivers end-to-end solutions, encompassing design, installation, testing, certification, maintenance and repair.

Embrace a more sustainable future and get in touch with your local Aotea Solar expert today.

Residential - Harnessing nature’s energy for sustainable living

Reduce your energy bills at home by generating your own electricity and lessen your reliance on the main electrical grid. Aotea Solar’s installers believe in making a meaningful difference that is not just clean and renewable, but a powerful step towards reducing carbon emissions. 

Being part of Aotea Group, our solar specialists have extensive experience in all areas of electrical work that allows us to custom-design and install a solar system tailored precisely to your home.

Whether it’s off-grid solar, electric vehicle charging or solar battery storage, we give homeowners confidence knowing that our Aotea Solar specialists follow strict guidelines in accordance to the NZ Electrical Standards. All of our specialists nationwide are fully certified Master Electricians, SEANZ Members and Certified Installers to all our supporting brands.

Commercial - From concept to connection, Aotea Solar is your partner in renewable energy solutions.

Partnering with Aotea Solar ensures access to extensive experience and expertise in electrical and solar installations. Our skilled team tailors solar systems to meet your commercial needs, backed by a proven track record.

With Aotea Solar, we can ensure energy independence for your business with solar and battery solutions, safeguarding your business against energy disruptions and keeping operations running, even during grid failures.

Solar power offers a reliable, low-cost source of electricity that allows your business to reduce operating costs significantly. As proud SEANZ members across our locations, businesses can maximise the financial benefits through generous government incentives and tax benefits, making your solar investment both eco-friendly and cost-effective.

We prioritise quality and reliability by utilising industry-leading solar equipment and technology. This ensures optimal performance, longevity and peace of mind for your investment. Aotea Solar is dedicated to providing unparalleled service, offering support throughout the process.

Photo: Northland Retirement Village.

Utility Solar Farms

As New Zealand experiences a significant surge in solar farm development, Aotea Group is at the forefront, offering comprehensive solutions for the creation, development, installation, and ongoing servicing of utility-scale solar farms. Our expertise and dedication ensure that we are capable of handling projects from a few MW of ground-mounted systems to an impressive target of installing upwards of 2GW of solar capacity within the next 2-5 years. Despite previous challenges such as a lack of subsidies, high equipment costs, and competition with productive farmland, we are ready to lead Aotearoa into a new era of renewable energy. Aotea Group is committed to developing a robust solar/BESS ecosystem across residential, commercial, and utility-scale sectors. We are dedicated to preparing for dynamic changes and supporting sustained industry growth, leveraging our expertise and resources to ensure success.