Sustainability and Business Practice

We have been around for a long time and we plan on being around for a long time to come. Sustainability inside and alongside our business is a genuine focus and we are always looking for better and more sustainable ways of doing what we do and helping our customers understand sustainable options for their own futures.

We are EcoSmart Electricians and Green Star Accredited so we can advise you on good choices and implement sustainable choices as part of best practice. We 
work closely with expert sustainability partners who offer specialist advice, service and products that help inform good sustainability strategies for our customers for the long term.   

Environmental management is the responsibility of all employees of the Aotea Group of Companies and we are committed to minimising the effect our operations have on the environment alongside the health and safety of our people. Our aim is to tie genuine sustainability in with sound business practices such as: increased efficiency, minimising waste and maximising resources which benefit the company, our clients and the environment overall. We know that we all have a long way to go but by acknowledging the need, as much as the opportunity, and by making a concerted effort and incremental changes along the way, we will all achieve a positive impact which benefits us all.

Certification and Partnerships

Great Customer Relationships

Our reputation has been built on delivering superior performance achieved through teamwork and collaboration with our customers. We strongly believe that through working closely with and understanding our customers, we are able to provide a quality service on time and every time. Our customers can expect the best possible service delivered by people that care.