Aotea Group Leading the Charge of Electric Car Charging Sites

Date 30.09.2019
Aotea Group Leading the Charge of Electric Car Charging Sites

One of the most significant ways to combat climate change is to convert our petroleum gasoline vehicles to electric. Aotea are committed to doing our part to reduce carbon emissions from road transport by assisting with the installation of EVC stations across New Zealand.

Electric-powered vehicles reduce the amount of gasoline we burn and are far less costly to maintain; along with many other benefits including reduced operating emissions, water quality preservation from decreased use of petroleum gasoline and reduced noise.

The NZTA approved goal was to encourage the installation of a rapid charger every 75km along NZ's main State Highways so that even a low-range vehicle can travel inter-city. It has taken over four years, but this goal is nearly complete, and Aotea has been at the forefront. 

The Aotea Group project management team supported Meridian through the process from the installation design and concept stages of four of the 22kw EV Publicine charging stations right through to managing the civil and building aspects of the project. This included the electrical install, test, and commission of the site to make it ready for the public to access.

Aotea continues to look after the ongoing maintenance, annual certification and compliance of the chargers and has recently finished other Meridian charging stations in Auckland, Wellington, Palmerston North, Te Anau, Franz Joseph, and Mt Cook. Aotea is working with Meridian on numerous other sites nationally and looking forward to working with Meridian in doing our bit in reducing carbon emissions from road transport. 

If you are looking for a list of Electric Vehicles Charging Stations, now has a comprehensive map of all of the EVC stations across New Zealand that you can view here: