Briscoes & Rebel Sport

One of the most significant ways to combat increasing electricity charges and lowering ongoing maintenance costs is by converting from traditional lighting to LED. The Briscoes Group have been quick to recognise this across their property portfolio and have undertaken these retro fit upgrades across a number of their sites nationally with Aotea and NuGreen Solutions.

Briscoe Group Ltd have engaged Aotea to undertake maintenance to their 85 sites nationally for the past 4 years. Working with the Briscoes property team, the aim is to reduce their power consumption and annual spend as well as the cost of maintaining lighting through their stores.

With our sustainability partner Nu Green Solutions NZ, we looked at what was going to be achievable for lighting performance within the ever changing dynamics of retail lighting, we looked at fittings that would offer the best value for money and worked in a way that caused minimal disruption to the store so they could continue trading as normal.

Through the experience gained in undertaking the retrofit works on previous Briscoes and Rebel Sport sites nationally with the removal of the exiting lighting and associated suspended ceiling, Aotea have meet the program that was committed to at the beginning of the project with all stakeholders including re-directing existing services such as security and data cabling, redesigning, installing and certifying the new emergency lighting system.

Aotea worked with all stakeholders to redirect existing security and data cabling services and redesigned, installed and certified new emergency lighting systems. The results across both stores were, the overall lighting levels have improved by 33%, saving them approximately $50K per year and reduced their annual overall maintenance costs with a 5 year parts and labour warranty on all products.

Improvement in lighting levels
Direct power saving
Years parts and labour warranty