Aotea Electricians provide a wide range of residential domestic electrical work from appliance, home automation, renovations, heating and cooling and new builds. Looking for an electrician for your new build or home renovation project?

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Appliance Repairs

Finding an electrician to do repairs can sometimes be a daunting task. We are able to provide quotation service for all of your home appliance repairs.

We can help you with repairs in:

  • Kitchen appliances - ovens, toasters, microwaves, dishwashers
  • Home appliances
  • Test & tagging services

Heat Pumps

It’s important to know if the heat pump you are  considering is fit for purpose. At Aotea Electric, we have an Air Conditioning team who really know their stuff. Not only do we provide a free heat pump quotation service, we also stand by the product and guarantee your system for 5 years.

It is very important to make the right decision in an industry where there are so many options as to what size heat pump, what brand or model, or who to install. We size the correct heat pump system for the room or office and provide the back-up service to give you the  peace of mind that you have made the right choice. Our installers operate all around New Zealand.

Home Automation & Smart Homes

Living in a house that's not automated is like opening a car door with a key, or watching TV without a remote control - you just do not realise it yet. Home automation is the ability to control devices like lighting, air conditioning, heating, appliances, home theatre systems, audio and video, security surveillance, and almost any other electrical device in the home or office environment with very little or no human interference.

Applications within home automation are:

  • Central lighting controlled in the house and garden with choice of different lighting scenarios or individual dimming available.
  • Control of blinds and shutters with regards to wind, brightness and rain on a time schedule.
  • Automatic and optimised heating control according to room usage or the needs of the inhabitants.
  • Windows will be opened according to requirements and the ventilation system reacts to the presence of people in the room.
  • Remote control of music from everywhere within the house.
  • Remote control for every single room.
  • Presentation and operation of all systems in the house via a wall mounted display.
  • Easy visualisation and integration of audio-systems and monitoring cameras.
  • Camera monitoring and reporting of open or broken windows and doors, burglary and smoke emission.
  • Deterrence of potential break-ins by switching on the entire home lighting system (panic mode).
  • Simulation of an occupied home through control of lighting and blinds set on a timer.

House Inspections

Our inspection services range from house reports to medical body/cardiac areas. We have NZ registered electrical inspectors who know the electrical wiring rules backwards, giving our clients solutions with safety in mind.

Areas of inspection include:

  • Building Reports
  • Medical equipment
  • Hazardous areas
  • Thermal Imaging
  • IQP for BWOF
  • Solar Inspections

House Renovations

Finding an electrician to do repairs or installations in your home can sometimes be a daunting task. Your home can be your most valuable asset and you want to be assured that it is in good hands. We are able to provide a free advisory and quotation service for all of your home renovation needs.

We can help with:

  • LED lighting conversion and installations
  • Switchboard upgrades
  • Mains upgrades
  • Rewiring projects
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Home Automation
  • Stair lift design and installations
  • Security Alarms
  • TV Aerials and CCTV
  • Solar PV
  • Home Theatre
  • Electrical repairs
  • Spa pool installation
  • TV aerials
  • Telephone extensions
  • Bathroom and kitchen renovations
  • Garden lighting
  • Oven & appliance repairs
  • Phone, Internet & computer networking
  • Electrical safety certificate

New Homes

Building a new home is an exciting prospect and many decisions need to be made during all aspects of the construction process. This is why you need assurance that the electrical advice you receive is current, innovative and meets your needs. An electrical contractor who takes the time to discuss your electrical requirements and work with you from foundations to installation of appliances.

We believe a home should be comfortable to live in and meet all current energy efficiency standards. That is why you can rely on us to give you expert advice and the best solutions to make your home warmer, drier and healthier to live in. We can advise you on renewable energy, heat pumps and automation. From design to project completion our experienced team will provide the expertise needed to ensure your electrical project is completed within critical time schedules and budgets.

Renewable Energy

At Aotea Electric, we offer alternative energy solutions for your home or business. Due to the rising costs of electricity along with the ability to harness natural resources, it makes sense to utilise alternative power generation systems.

We are a complete service solution to install solar PV, wind generation or with our partnerships, a renewable energy design build to meet your needs. We are able to offer an evaluation of your buildings electrical consumption in lighting, heating and electrical equipment to improve building efficiency and get the most from your renewable energy solution.

Stair Lifts

Aotea Electric are proud to be agents for Stannah Stair Lifts. Stannah Stair Lifts is a British owned family business that has been manufacturing stair lifts since 1975. Stannah has an extensive range of stair lifts to suit almost every need. Choosing the right stair lift for yourself or a loved one can be a daunting task. We understand how important it is to get the stair lift that is right for you.

Aotea Electric  provide a free design and advisory service. Stair lifts for the home are available in three designs - straight stair lifts, curved stair lifts and outdoor stair lifts.  The straight stair lift is designed specifically for straight staircases, and provides an extremely smooth ride.

Temporary Supplies

Organising and installing a temporary builder supply is one of the first tasks when starting a new build. The process can be a frustrating one with multiple contractors and power authorities to deal with. Aotea Electric are able to project manage, build and install your temporary supply and remove the hassle.

Services include:

  • New house build
  • Commercial or Industrial projects
  • Large extensions
  • Three phase supply for welders and overhead cranes.
  • Connection or supply of Lifeguards
  • Test and tagging of equipment