Aotea Group Master Electricians Apprentice Challenge 2023 Winners.

Date 08.08.2023
Aotea Group Master Electricians Apprentice Challenge 2023 Winners.

Aotea Group saw some amazing results at this year's Master Electricians Apprentice Challenge, taking home awards all across the country.

Congratulations to all Aotea apprentices that competed in the Master Electricians Apprentice Challenge 2023! Looking at the amazing results, it is very clear to see that Aotea Group have some incredibly talented apprentices who, one day, will make even better electricians. 

Thank you to all the Aotea workplaces that provide such great mentors and positive learning environments that are so beneficial to our apprentices. 

For the full list of results by region, see below:


1st – Ben Campbell, Aotea Electric Northland (Domestic/Commercial)


1st – Adam Thompson, Aotea Electric Auckland (Domestic/Commercial)
2nd – Liam Gassler, Employed by Etco, hosted by Aotea Electric Auckland (Domestic/Commercial)
Initiative Award – Byron Boon, Employed by Etco, hosted by Aotea Electric Canterbury

Hawkes Bay:

2nd – Corbin Acraman, Buzz Electrics (Industrial)
4th – Michelle Mahy, Buzz Electrics (Industrial)


1st – Jaeden Giles, B & M Electrical (Domestic/Commercial)
2nd – Taylor Lind, B & M Electrical (Domestic/Commercial)


Initiative Award – Christian Schneider, Employed by Etco, Hosted by Seven Electrical


3rd – Steve King, Aotea Electric Blenheim Limited (Domestic/Commercial)


1st – Jack Norris, Aotea Electric Canterbury (Domestic/Commercial)
Initiative Award – Emma Wilson, Aotea Electric Westland

South Canterbury:

2nd – Marisa Joseph, Aotea Electric Canterbury (Domestic/Commercial)


3rd – Oliver Zwicker, Aotea Electric Southern Ltd (Domestic/Commercial)
2nd – Michael Cathcart, Aotea Electric Southern Ltd (Industrial)


2nd – Peter Connell, Aotea Electric Invercargill Ltd (Domestic/Commercial)

Congratulations once more to all the participants of the 2023 Master Electricians Apprentice Challenge. We are all looking forward to seeing next year's apprentices take on the challenge!