Aotea Electric Canterbury's Bike To Success

Date 16.02.2022
Aotea Electric Canterbury's Bike To Success

The team from Aotea Electric Canterbury saddled up to take part in the Aotearoa Bike Challenge with Love to Ride, in Christchurch!

Love to Ride is an online platform offering individuals and workplaces to take part in discovering the fun and ease of bike riding. The Challenge is a fun way for workplaces to get active and make changes to their lifestyles, all while being in the running for some great prizes. The project also fosters a sense of community in the areas that it operates. Love to Ride has participants in 12 countries!

Throughout this competition we were watching out for Simon and Brian! These two were going the distance, quite literally with 180 distance points between them (as of the time of this article). Robbie was riding off the beaten track and taking in some fantastic scenery making the most of exploring the hills and surrounding areas.

With the final results now in, Aotea Group is proud to announce that Aotea Electric Canterbury came 1st place in the 'Construction and Industrials' Industry Position for Christchurch, 3rd overall in Christchurch and 6th overall in New Zealand. Aotea Electric Canterbury beat their record from last year, with an improvement of over 1000ks! What an awesome achievement, and the team at Aotea are very proud of their team members for taking part in the competition. 

The benefits of participating in this challenge are enormous, including healthier and happier staff. It also encourages the team to think more about their impact towards a more sustainable world, and so much more! Aotea have loved seeing the outcome of this challenge and can't wait to see how these changes keep being implemented to better the staffs lifestyle.